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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Shows for Spring

The holidays are thankfully over and the frigid hand of winter is removing itself from the throat of collective Minnesota which means that bands are going to begin venturing to town again. Here's a short list if anyone is interested in going to any let me know.

February 12th Low with Pedro the Lion at First Avenue 6pm 12$
The Great Destroyer, Low's new album is in my humble opinion their second best, and while not upbeat it is a bit more rocking than previous efforts. This is their last North American show for a while as they rush off to Europe where they have more of a following.

February 17th Sage Francis at First Avenue 5pm 12$
Sage's new album is really good, and from what I've heard he puts on a great live show. We could all use a little of his style of politics I think.

February 22nd and 23rd Modest Mouse at First Avenue 22$
I can't decide if I want to go to this or not. I really enjoyed them last time, but 22$ is a lot, and last time it was a pretty short set. Of course it may be a moot point as I don't even know if tickets are still available.

March 5th Kid Dakota with Lateduster at 7th St. Entry 8pm 6$
I just recently discovered Kid Dakota through the song 10,000 Lakes which I got on a mix. It's a good song and his most recent album is pretty solid. Lateduster make solid instrumental jazzy rock.

March 8th The Futureheads at the Fine Line 8pm
The Futureheads make catchy electro-brit pop stuff. It might be a bit much to see both them and the Bloc Party as they are very similar, but how often do we get multiple good British bands coming through town.

March 10th and 11th The Holdsteady at the Triple Rock 9pm
Formerly some members of Lifter Puller, now in New York and still witty and fun. I definitely want to make it to at least one of these shows.

March 19th Hood at the 7th St. Entry 8pm 8$
This is the show that shocked me the most venuewise. Hood's album Cold House is amazing -- pretty unique but if I had to compare it with anything I would say Kid A. Their upcoming album is also good, and a chance to see such a good band in the entry is amazing.

March 29th Mono at the 400 Bar 7$
I saw Mono last year when they were supposed to open for Fly Pan Am. They put on a great show and their guitars go up to 11. They really do. I didn't think a Japanese band would be back so soon. Now if they could just bring Polysics with them.

March 30th Bloc Party at TBA
See above about the Futureheads. I suppose I'll go to whichever is more convenient and cheaper -- or maybe both. They should both be fun shows.

April 9th The Decemberists at the Fine Line
I like the Decemberists fairly well although their sort of historical posing sometimes rubs me the wrong way. I've heard they're great live though and any band with accordian is fine by me.

April 23rd M83 with Ulrich Schnauss at the Triple Rock 10pm 10$
This is really exciting M83 sound like My Bloody Valentine with more keyboards and Ulrich Schnauss makes beautiful almost classical electronica. They're both European and this is M83s first time and probably last time for a long time in the Twin Cities.

April 23rd British Sea Power possibly playing somewhere in the Twin Cities
I desperately hope this happens and that I can go to this before the M83 show. BSP are a really good band, who evidently are astoundingly good live. I have a recording of one of their shows and it blows my mind when I listen to it. Plus they have foliage and stuffed birds and things on stage.

April 28th Animal Collective at the Triple Rock 9pm 10$
Sung Tongs was one of my favorite albums from last year and these guys are really crazy and fun. Meow... Kitties. It promises to be entertaining.

April 30th of Montreal and Tilly and the Wall at the Triple Rock 6pm 8$
Yet another show where I really like both bands. Both Satanic Panic in the Attic and the Sunlandic Twins are really good albums, and judging from the albums of Montreal have a good sense of humor. Add to that the fact that Tilly and the Wall have a tap dancing percussionist and you have a recipe for a brilliant show.

May 13th Deerhoof at the Triple Rock 6pm 8$
Sometimes a bit annoying to actually listen to these guys put on a crazy, fun, show. Last time I saw them was at a music and movies in Loring park. The drummer is incredibly talented and the lead singer is cute and crazy.

Hopefully I'll be able to add to this list as the weeks pass.


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