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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Mourn in the New Year

The Guardian has a collection of posts from blogs in Southeast Asia here. I tried to start reading it at work, but I can't. Not without a stiff drink and some kleenex. Unfathomable:

Seen things today I never thought I'd see. Seen things I don't ever want to see. How do you ask a question of a father who saw his four-year-old child being dragged off into the sea and be sensitive about it? Do you say sorry? Does that cut it?

Two friends dead. They were on a romantic beach holiday. I like to believe they died holding each other's hands. Two more missing. Presumed dead. Find a vehicle in about an hour and head off down south to look for them, or identify their bodies.

Haven't slept the whole night. Just talking to friends who have family missing. Have never wanted to end it all as much as I did last night. Didn't want to wake up today. Didn't want to live in a world like this. A world where I've lost more than I ever have, but yet have to be strong because my friends have lost more. I cannot even imagine their pain.

But right now I'm just glad to be alive and heading off down south to look for my friend.

And I thought heartbreak hurts. What a joke.



  • i was at the liquor store yesterday, buying cigarettes and beer. the guy forgot to ring up my cigarettes, until i reminded him. he said, "thankyou, something good will happen to you now." i said, "plenty already has." he was suprised that i said that, but really... i mean, in light of such tragedy around the world, how can i think that good things aren't happening to me all the time? i know i'm just as likely to slip into some sort of fog of self-pity. but, hopefully if anything positive comes out of seeing other people in tragedy, crisis and opressive circumstances, it helps me to constantly keep perspective.

    By Blogger s, at January 12, 2005 at 9:36 AM  

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