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Tuesday, September 07, 2004


One quick thing: the fine people at the disgusting site Are you hot or not? Are doing their best to get out the youthful, surface obsessed, people who would post their photos on the internet to get rated type vote with a sweepstakes. Vote or not-- that's not a question unless you're voting on an electronic voting machine in which case it is... well actually whether you voted or not is not really the question -- whether your vote was counted is. So sign up and promise them you're going to vote (which you're going to do anyway) and they might give you 100,000 dollars. Refer other people and they might do the same. So here I am refering you. Sign up here, vote, and risk winning enough money to make you a republican for at least a month or two.

(Edit added 9/8/04)
So today Xtine sent me the following article from the City Pages about the insanity of Minnesota's government under Pawlenty. Evidently the City Pages was doing a similar sort of contest for people promising to vote -- offering them an entry into a drawing for a trip to Iceland. Some Bastard who is involved with these bastards accused them of violating federal law -- a spurious claim. He then got his good friend madame dumbass secretary to write a vague threatening letter to the City Pages disregarding the fact that it was completely outside of her jurisdiction. Part of me wants to write her a letter linking to the Hot or Not contest and telling her that maybe she should send them a vague threatening letter as well -- who cares if they're in her state she has exactly as much right to send them a letter as she did the City Pages.

I know intelligent conservatives who really have the best interest of society at heart. The sad thing is though that the only ones who ever hold positions of power are viscious, paranoid, soulless, religious fanatics hell bent on fattening their own pocketbooks.



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